long1 [lôŋ]
[ME < OE, akin to Ger lang < Gmc * lango- > ON langr, Goth laggs: ? akin to L longus]
1. measuring much from end to end in space or from beginning to end in time; not short or brief
2. measured from end to end rather than from side to side [the long dimension]
3. of a specified extent in length [a foot long]
4. of greater than usual or standard length, height, quantity, etc. [a long game, a long window, a long ton]
5. containing many items or members: said of a series, list, etc.
6. overextended in length
7. taking too much time; tedious; slow
8. extending to what is distant in space or time; far-reaching [a long view of the matter]
9. large; big [the long odds of 100 to 1, to take a long chance]
10. having an abundance of: with of or on [long on excuses ]
11. Finance holding a commodity or security in anticipation of a rise in price
a) Phonet. lasting for a relatively long time: said of a speech sound
b) popularly diphthongized [the long a inpain]: opposed to SHORT, adj. 13b)
13. Prosody
a) requiring a relatively long time to pronounce: said of syllables in quantitative verse
b) stressed: said of syllables in accentual verse
1. for a long time
2. for the duration of; from the beginning to the end [all day long]
3. at a much earlier or a much later time than the time indicated; remotely [to stay long after midnight]
1. a variation of clothing size longer than the average for that size
2. [pl.] long pants
3. a signal, syllable, etc. of long duration
4. a long time [it won't take long to finish the work]
as long as or so long as
1. of the same length as
2. during the time that
3. seeing that; since
4. provided that
before long
the long and the short of or the long and short of
the whole story of in a few words; gist or point of
long2 [lôŋ]
[ME longen < OE langian (akin to Ger langen, to reach, extend) < base of lang: see LONG1]
to feel a strong yearning; wish earnestly [to long to go home, to long for affection]
long3 [lôŋ]
[ME longen < OE langian, to belong]
Archaic to be fitting or appropriate

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